The short answer is, "I don't know."  It is one of life's many mysteries for me at this point.  However, I'm not going to dismiss the phenomena simply because it can't (yet) be explained.  We're not talking about looking at clouds in the sky and imagining fanciful creatures in them. 

    These are clearly human images... and they appeared in the reflections from cold water in a pot.  Every single one of them. I think that's amazing no matter the explanation! I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything (well, maybe I am just a little) but I sincerely hope after seeing these images, you'll have room in your world view to ponder the "soul survival" hypothesis .
How Do These Images Appear?

Images From People On The Other Side
The second image from the  left  is my GG-grandfather.  Click on his image to see the comparison done by a forensic lab.