How I Got Started With ITC
It all began one night when I had the thought, "I wonder what would happen if I took some video of water in a pot?" I was shocked to discover these gems as I looked back through the video one frame at a time.  Though certainly not my best to date, they hold special meaning for me because they gave me my start on this adventure.

      Below is the very first ITC image I saw after my initial attempt.  I don't always get  'spirit' images.  In fact, I can record many times only to come up with a whole lot of nothing.  It takes patience and persistence, but I think just about anybody can do it.
Can You Find The Four People And The Dog In The Image Below?
On the right side of the frame, I see a man that appears to be wearing some kind of uniform.  There are two stripes on the cuff of his sleeve.  In the middle, a German Shepherd dog, and a child to the left of the dog, his head leaning on the dog.  Just above the dog's face is a woman with long hair.  It's almost as if she's peeking around from behind something.  Last, above her, and slightly to the left, a man wearing some kind of slimline glasses or perhaps a bandanna. 

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First ITC image
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